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Bridgett has a creative, trustworthy, reliable and result orientated personality that works extremely well in project implementation, training, and consulting.
I've worked with Bridgett on her marketing and copywriting for her life coaching biz, and while I helped out, I learned a ton too about building goals and taking action. Bridgett is one of the most natural, easy to get along with, caring person I've met lately and has a ton of experience in helping others achieve their life goals. From business to life lessons, she is definitely someone [...]
Bridgett came on board at a very difficult time in the company. State regulators had assessed penalties against the company for some non-compliance issues. Bridgett managed a complete turn-around acheiving near 100% compliance for all her subsequent years of service as executive director.
Bridgett is always thinking about what is best for her clients. She is a talented consultant/trainer.I have engaged her many times and will continue to do so.
Bridgett is a hard working leader that is very knowledgeable in her field and is always looking to learn more. She has a positive personality, always upbeat and encouraging others. She is a good teacher, very patient and enthusiastic. She is smart and will be a valued asset to any industries that is fortunate enough to bring her on board. Allowing Bridgett to become a part of your [...]
As Executive Director at Alpha Group Administrators, Inc. Bridgett showed an exceptional ability to shape the culture, to set and achieve long term and short term strategic goals, and to lead a diverse team of managers and staff while navigating a complex regulatory environment. Under her leadership we grew in revenue and profitability and improved dramatically in our non-financial metrics [...]
I assisted Bridgett and Alpha Group Administrators in assessing their Life Safety needs when they moved into their new headquarters building in Phoenix. Bridgett was very thorough in learning about what systems they had in place and making sure that her organization met code requirements. I found her professionalism and administrative style engaging and thorough, and I would recommend her [...]
Bridgett is highly professional, yet maintains a genuine and approachable style. She is clearly well-respected in her field and leads her expanding organization in setting new levels of service w/in the industry. A pleasure working with her...I plan to do MUCH more business with her in the future.
With the ability to see success before it's actual presence, Bridgett Hart has always pushed herself and everyone around her to accomplish greater goals. Her admirable ambition and effectiveness as a leader have been the key elements to her current accomplishments. I've had the pleasure of working with Bridgett, and hope to collaborate in the near future.
Bridgett is a very detailed, personable, and results oriented professional. She sees the big picture and desired result as well as knowing the details on how to get there. I highly recommend Bridgett as a Strategic Marketing Consultant as well as a professional trainer.
Bridgett is an excellent coach. She's reliable, personable and extremely effective. No matter how specific or complex the business challenge I'm working through is, Bridgett always knows exactly how to navigate the murky waters with integrity and an eye on success. She's great at coming up with a game plan that is both effective and easy to implement, helping conserve energy for crucial areas [...]
Bridgett is wonderful. I am really so glad I have been able to work with her. I may not be on the same track as I had intended when I started this journey, but I have been able to improve my happiness and my life since working with Bridgett. Sometimes life openes more doors that you look for, and she helped me to see that.
I highly recommend Bridgett Hart to women of any age or niche for your life or business coaching needs. She, not only has incredibly well-rounded business and life experience, but produces effective results for her clients. She is your, "Go-To" Resource for getting you mobilized quickly to fulfilling your dreams. Working alongside Bridgett has been a pleasure and I look forward to working [...]
Bridgett is extremely good at what she does and I would be happy to work with her at any time.
Bridget is a very skilled eventmaker and has a grat personality that makes everybody feel comfortable and safe.
Bridgett comes highly recommended as a consultant, executive trainer and and implementation expert.