Here it Goes

So, I’ve spent the last 20 years helping people do stuff…

I started out landscaping, pulling weeds, mowing lawns, and raking leaves… I still love gardening,  although now, I prefer Aquaponics and I (of course) have a master plan for how I’m going to use earth and body friendly aquaponics to make money and save the world…

Recently, I helped pull a failing human services agency through the toughest economic downturn in it’s history, keeping 250 people employed and 90 people with loving homes.

Now, I’m finally helping Bridgett!  And what Bridgett truly wants is to see the people around her take their amazing gifts and talents and make money.

If you are tired of punching the clock and sitting in a cubicle, it’s time for you to discover how you can turn your dreams into dollars!

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