Let Me Introduce Myself

Bridgett Hart

I’m a Passionate Learner, a Conscious Creator and a Favorite Daughter of the Most High God

on a quest for life perfection…

“Life Perfection? That’s crazy!” you say…

But I beg to differ.

You CAN have Love, Power, AND Success in your life.

You DON’T have to sacrifice one to find the other and there’s NOT a limited amount out there.

After graduating from the University of Idaho with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing, I embraced my career as a program coordinator for out-of-school programs, where I spent 15 years creating new opportunities for kids at the local, state, national and international levels and worked closely with thousands of families.

As a passionate learner, I continued with graduate studies in Family Life Education at Concordia University and in 2007,  was called on to turn a struggling business around for my family.

Five years later, I had not only brought the business through the worst time in economic history, but with flying colors, a beautiful bottom line, and a family that still loved one another.

At the age of 34, I married the love of my life, Cornell, and one year later, I received my life coach certification from Life Coach Academy of Long Beach. I love reading and actively study the work of greats like Martha Beck, John Maxwell, Flip Flippen, Jim Collins, Tamara Lowe, Pamela Slim, Ramit Sethi, and Tim Ferriss.

Throughout my journey, I met so many women, including myself, who were extraordinary world-changers struggling with things like leading their team, or maintaining a healthy relationship or home life.

For 7 years, I studied this phenomenon from any angle I could find – reading, asking, listening, testing, refining.

And I found the answers.

First for myself, and then I began to help other women apply the same principles to their lives.

After years of writing, studying, and working with thousands of people around the globe, in January 2013, I walked away from my comfortable 9 – 5 and launched Hart Connections with the personal assignment to help people understand what LOVE is, and teach them HOW to apply it to any relationship in their life.

Now, I’m turning my lifetime of learning about business, human development, leadership, spirituality and the law of attraction into a comprehensive coaching program designed specifically for you.

Drawing on both ancient wisdom and cutting edge psychological research,  I will guide you through a series of exercises designed to identify areas in YOUR life that are blocked–and guide you on breaking through those barriers so you can be your most amazing you!

Join me today on Your journey to Have it All!

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