Take the First Step and Join the Adventure!

I’m having the hardest time trying to come up with a topic of “value” tonight, so I’ve decided to just write what I’m thinking about.

Right this minute, I’m in awe at how making that first step can cause so many things to start moving.

It’s exciting, scary, validating and awesome all at the same time.

I could spend my time berating myself for not doing things sooner, or lament that I’m not as good as this person or that, but what would be the point?

In fact, what I really believe is that everything happens exactly on time and I am not only as good as the next person, but I’m a super loved child of God with a message of hope for the people that cross my path.

I have something important to give and I love giving it!

It’s funny how people sometimes respond to that… suspicious, critical, cautionary.

Why do you think that is?

Have we become so un-trusting that we can’t accept a gift from someone?

What if that gift is a challenge to be better or take the next step in our journey? How do you respond to that?

I know I have to check myself all the time.

While my sister was prompting me to write earlier this week, I just kept telling her “Yeah, yeah, I’ve written that” and “But, I need to make money!”

I wasn’t trying to receive the gift she was giving me.   I didn’t think she really knew what she was talking about.

But the truth is, she’s someone I’ve gone to for advice for years.  Why would her advice suddenly be worthless?

It wasn’t.  I just didn’t want to hear it because it forced me out of my comfort zone.

But here I am, just 2 measly days into my sister-imposed challenge.

And it’s freakin awesome.

In the last two days, I’ve had more conversations with women about love and business than has ever happened in a quick 2 day span.

I talked with a writer friend who reminded me it’s okay to write in my own voice.

I talked with a family member who is such an incredible and well-loved artist, ready to take her business to the next level and wanting my assistance.

I spoke with a few women who thought they wanted to talk to me about business, but the conversations quickly moved to the state of their hearts (the core of everything else).

Overall, it honestly doesn’t matter at all if this challenge results in money.

Right now, it’s resulted is a lot of discussions with incredible women who have so very much to offer the world and their families.

I’m so excited about the next phase of this process.

And since you read this far, I’ll let you know, I’m putting together a 10-week group coaching program that is going to change how you do business and how you do life.

The program is going to set you free from the fears that are keeping you bound and help you create a real, lasting plan for moving forward and growing in your relationships – both personal and professional, with yourself, your customers, and your loved ones.

I can’t wait to get started, but lesson #1 – Set attainable, short-term goals so I keep my progress moving forward.

This week,  I’m just gonna focus on writing 7 blogs in 7 days and we’ll see where it leads.

Then, maybe next week I’ll get back to working on my group coaching program.

If you want to take part, send me a quick message and I’ll make sure to help you get your spot reserved.

I’m only going to have 9 ladies in the group, I wonder who’ll they’ll be??????

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